College Planning

College and Education Planning

Providing the educational costs of a loved one's education, be it private elementary, middle and high school or college, is an important priority for many individuals.  Arguably, the most beneficial method is saving and investing in advance.  This option allows the capital (your money) to work for you by capturing the capital appreciation and interest payments received for the time the capital is invested and the compounding effect from the growth.  As important is to become informed on possible grants, scholarships, and loans that you or your loved one may be eligible for receiving. 

Define the Goal and the Capital Need

Determine the financial goal(s), determine the risks associated with achieving the goal(s) and the appropriate risk management to increase success of reaching the goal, balance the trade-off, then implement an evidence-based strategy for achieving the goal(s).  We do this by utilizing a goals-based investing trade-off approach structured to give us the highest expected return on investment for the level of risk you are willing to take and simultaneously employing an inflation-protected income stream to fund the goal during your payout phase (your tuition payment period).